The essentials of customer interaction

Focusing your attention on the client’s needs as an estate agent almost always results in success and an improved customer experience. Channeling our energy at Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne so that the client remains in our sights, be it seller, buyer, investor, tenant, all equally important, is a primary strategy.

With communications Careersportals now publicly displaying customer experiences our agents spend time building a relationship whilst attending to your needs. It is imperative that a real estate office’s agent relationship understanding is that clients are people, usually making the largest investment of their life. Alternatively selling a part of their family’s history that has been the source of dozens of treasured memories. A certain amount of understanding of what the clients fears and hesitance are is incredibly important. Partnering with your client and building a trusted relationship almost always leads to success and an improved customer relationship.

This relationship in turn becomes transparent void of blurred requirements and miscommunication. It translates into a professional journey. And for an agent that truly understands his seller connecting their needs with an already identified buyer demographic becomes far more effective. A3_Issue02

With the advent of instant communication clients expect, and rightly so, a quick turnaround time on requests. This should be seen as an opportunity to meet clients expectations.

The most successful agents guide their clients through the transaction and provide insight, advice and support throughout the entire process.

Denis Quayle
Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne Principal