New global cryptocurrency with South African founders to invest in African sustainability projects

South African businessmen and women are leading the charge in global cryptocurrency markets with a brand-new token called Benchmark.

Benchmark, called the Venture token, due to its venture funding models and commitment to working on development projects in Africa and abroad, has already received a lot of attention from global investors. The rise of cryptocurrencies has created the need to incorporate these digital currencies into funding models aimed at development and sustainability projects in emerging markets. If stakeholders have the foresight to incorporate cryptocurrency funding into broader development projects, it would make a major impact.

Although Benchmark is based in Malta, it is mainly South African investment, fintech and academic experts that are part of the global consortium managing Benchmark and presenting it to market. Founders Denis Quayle and Pieter Coetzer, both investment and development experts in South Africa, are very excited about the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) scheduled for May this year and are aiming to raise around US$30 million.

Benchmarks set new standards in value-based investment. The tokens will give participants exclusive access to a portfolio of investment projects within the Benchmarks ecosystem.

The rise of alternative methods of investment have risen sharply to the fore in recent years. In South Africa alone there were almost 300 000 cryptocurrency investors last year according to media reports. At some point the search phrase “Bitcoin” on Google in South Africa topped every country in the world.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have not only gained a lot of attention and attracted a diverse market of investors but many high profile traditional investment experts are also shifting their focus to cryptocurrencies.

The ability to take charge of your own investment funds remains a major draw card for the modern investor. In the age of information consumers are informed. Access to information is endless and for those of us with a pulse on investment markets the ability to take ownership of your money is an attractive prospect.

External market values from a macro- and microeconomic perspective undoubtedly effect interest and investment rates in traditional investment avenues. However, cryptocurrency investment often defies global and local economic fluctuations. We’ve already seen Bitcoin increase by almost 30% in the last two weeks alone – clearly displaying cryptocurrency resilience.

Everyone, from the man in the street to the high-profile investor is starting to realise that cash has no long-term investment value and other alternatives are not designed to favour the investor. As this trend continues more and more people will gravitate towards crypto options to secure and aim to return their investment funds. Benchmark is also the perfect solution for investors who have always wanted to dabble in cryptocurrencies but are scared of the volatility. Benchmark holders will have the exclusive opportunity to swap their BMK tokens for security tokens in projects of their choosing which will be akin to swapping their cryptocurrency for a stake in an actual business.

Statement by
Denis Quayle
Benchmark Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

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