My neighbours are renovating their house without complying with building regulations. What are my options?

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What one’s neighbour builds on their property, is not something the owner of the neighbouring property has a lot of control over. Unfortunately, it can have a negative impact on your property if the building work completed on your neighbour’s property does not comply with building regulations. Furthermore, it can be aesthetically displeasing, and be […]

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Cape Town Southern Suburbs property market bouncing back


Analysing the Cape Town Southern Suburbs property market is always difficult because of the wide variety of properties available. Different regions create demand at different times and the economy effects local markets in a completely different way. However, from a holistic perspective, despite the South African property landscape being under a lot of pressure in […]

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Edgemead remains a Cape Town property gem


In the past few years, the Cape Town property market has experienced enormous growth. There has been high demand due to factors like semigration and international interest. During 2018 however, the local property market was certainly under pressure with external economic factors, water shortages and overall political instability. With this in mind though there are definitely certain […]

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