Is the Tenant or Landlord Responsible for the new City of Cape Town Electricity Home User Charge?

by Marlon Shevelew, of Marlon Shevelew & Associates Inc. From July 2018 the “electricity home user charge” has be added to municipal invoices from the City. The home user charge is a monthly service delivery charge of R150, payable by residents who are on the Home User Tariff (residents who live in properties valued at R1 million or more). […]

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Impact of the drought conditions on landlords, tenants and lease responsibilities.


In terms of section 9 of the Western Cape Unfair Practice Regulations, both landlord and tenant may not conduct any activity which is prohibited under the lease or the applicable law. Moreover, all lease provisions should be interpreted, and applied, with all relevant circumstances in mind. Therefore, regardless whether the lease states that the tenant […]

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Holiday rentals during the festive season


The festive season is fast approaching and economic activity and consumer spending typically spikes during this time. Many take leave during December, especially due to the relative warm holiday weather across the country. Besides local travelers flocking to their favourite destinations, South Africa is a premier holiday spot for international holidaymakers too. Due to the […]

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Buy-to-let investment opportunities across the Cape Peninsula


As the property market slows down due to an array of macroeconomic factors influencing the man on the street, Harcourts Pegasus, rental specialists in the Cape Peninsula, has identified several exciting opportunities for the investor. Understanding that property is a long-term investment and as history dictates, often defies short-term economic fluctuations, identifying areas in which […]

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Does your view really make a difference to the value or demand?


Does your view really make a difference to the value or demand? Cape Town’s property market has maintained its growth and there are no signs of it slowing down, everybody wants a slice of heaven overlooking the ocean. The high return on investment for home owners in certain areas along the Peninsula has further highlighted […]

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Should your insurance premium dictate your property location?


With the recent devastating fires sweeping the coastal town of Knysna, many home owners without the proper insurance are now left homeless, and in debt. At the same time the worst storm in three decades hit the Western Cape shores, causing a destruction all on its own, again highlighting the need for home insurance. But […]

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