Guideline to avoid rental scams


In the modern age it is common place for tenants and landlords to scour the internet for properties and agents. The popularity of property portals, agent websites, online classifieds etc. have ensured the client has an array options that best suit their needs. However, with all the advantages of technology, there are serious pitfalls and […]

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Does your view really make a difference to the value or demand?


Does your view really make a difference to the value or demand? Cape Town’s property market has maintained its growth and there are no signs of it slowing down, everybody wants a slice of heaven overlooking the ocean. The high return on investment for home owners in certain areas along the Peninsula has further highlighted […]

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Want to be a player on Team Harcourts?


There are a number of reasons why estate agents choose to work for a certain agency. It could be their established local footprint, their impressive marketing strategies, their successful agents or even their perceived culture. At Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne we develop an environment that encapsulates all of the above. Our local footprint, five offices spanning […]

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Targetting the millenial home buyer


Besides the obvious challenges that face the property market, economic fluctuations, global market pressures, banks applying stricter lending criteria, there are numerous other variables that similarily effect the value of your property as well as its marketability to a target demographic. Millenial home buyers. The younger generation is often overlooked in the property market as a […]

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